Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Day... a day to spread love and smiles at Make A Wish Foundation, Bangalore Division

Love has many facets of expression, it transcends its meaning when shared or expressed and that’s what we did on this Valentine’s Day (14 Feb 2015) with the help of our few donors and wonderful volunteers for wish kids. We shared the Power of Wish on this Valentine’s day with 7 of our wish kids namely Bharat(10yrs),Bhagyashree (10yrs),Dhanush (14yrs),Sankyashree (14yrs), Harshavardhan (10yrs),Chandan (10yrs),and Yellappa (13yrs) from different hospitals in Bangalore.We had invited donors from RCP Global and Ms. Vandana on this occasion to fulfill the wishes of children whose wishes they have adopted.
Day started with a warm welcome for all children, their families and donors with a yummy brunch session .The fun filled program began with games for children where we played games like Tota Ud Panchi Ud  & Musical Statues where volunteers and children danced to the recent hit dance numbers in high spirits and bagged many prizes.
Then, we started with the most exciting part of the event where we started with wish fulfillments. Fulfilled wish list included cycles, video games , Anarkali Dress, carom board,Barbie Dolls etc..Donors personally handed over the gifts to children whom they have adopted. They were very happy to enrich the warmth and joy with wish kids. They also shared “what an exclusive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day”.
The day ended with a photo session and children bid good bye with all smiles. Volunteers  and Interns also had lot of fun playing with the kids and seeing them so happy after receiving their gifts was in itself a pleasure. These experiences brings much-needed happiness to the child and their family and can lead to improved quality of life, mental well-being and, for some children, even an improvement in physical symptoms.

Thanks a ton to our amazing donors who are always with us and rocking volunteers of Bangalore Division who made this true.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Make A Wish Kids take a ride in Metro ....

On 17th January, __ kids in their high spirits and their guardians along with their siblings were assembled in front of the metro rail station in MG Road to fulfill their wish and go for a ride in the metro. Buzzed and excited about the whole event the smallest ones among the group ran around in the platform giving hard time to their guardians as they waited for the rest to join. They got acquainted with the other wish kids as they arrived by exchanging hearty smiles and warm handshakes. Once all had reached the entrance to the station was made.
The wish kids walked in with the volunteers and their guardians, looking around amused. They expressed joy when the escalators floated them up like tiny bubbles effortlessly from one floor to another. They waited for their train to arrive eagerly and when it arrived they all screamed with joy. They popped in to the train and ran to glue themselves to a favourite spot and catch hold of the swift view of the outside world from the clear window pane. Their eyes widened with curiosity as other trains whirred past them. They sang rhymes and jingles and posed for photographs as the train bulleted towards Baiyyapanahalli. Once they reached their final station, they got out and were taken to Dominos. The staff from Dominos and fun awaited them along with the hot cheesy pizzas and the blue balloons.

The kids burst the blown up blue balloons and they could just not control their joy. They were ever ready to pop the air out of those balloons and it all got over in a matter of seconds. They were served with tasty pizzas and sauce, which almost dripped from most of the mouths as they took bites from it and they licked their petite mouths clean.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Wish to be like Optimus Prime from the Transformer

When our volunteers met Arnab at Hospital, his wish was very clear. After watching countless episodes and also the movies of the Transformers franchise, 10 year old,Arnab wanted to do was experience being a robot, more specifically Optimus Prime from the Transformer franchise.

This did pose a challenge as the costume was not available anywhere in India. We reached out to Mr. Satish from The Entertainment Store,Bangalore who upon learning of the wish fro us, took it upon himself to fulfill it. He adopted the wish, had the costume couriered directly from the manufacturer in America and on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Arnab got his wish fulfilled at the Entertainment store on Church Street, Bangalore. With joys of excitement, he posed for various photos and was all eager to show off the costume to his friends.

Make A Wish Foundation of India, Bangalore extends its deepest thanks and gratitude to Mr. Satish for donning on the role of Wish Genie and fulfilling Arnab's wish.
We are great full and appreciate the efforts of our volunteers- Archana and Sandeep for identifying Arnab's cherished wish and Savio for his efforts and help during wish fulfillment.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Jumping with excitement as soon as he entered the CID office at Bangalore, Kanishk's face lit up with a smile and continued throughout the wish fulfillment.
A picture is worth a thousand words. This is very evident from every photo that we clicked when we were dressing him up as a police officer, taking him to meet all the officers and also during his interaction with the various personnel at the CID office.
Kanishk first meet was with Mr.Sushant Mahapatra (IPS) who is the DIG of Police Training.
Mr. Sushant who was in civilian dress donned his uniform for the benefit of Kanishk and then took an excited Kanishk around the office for a tour. His colleagues then took Kanishk around to meet several other people. Kanishk got to meet several police officers, the Legal Adviser and various other officials in the process all of whom were eager to have a photo with him.
The wish came to a perfect end with everyone gifting Kanishk Chocolates and other goodies.
Make A Wish Foundation -Bangalore division extends a special thanks to Mr. Sushant Mahapatra,Mr.Manoj Patra and Manasmita for all their support in fulfilling the cherished wish of Master Kanishk.Never the least, would like to also appreciate and thank our volunteers Savio and Aishwarya Minocha for their wonderful support.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


It was a day of joy and fun. Monisha and Jayashree were bursting out of excitement. Their most cherished wish to see Mysore was being fulfilled. Such was the energy that Monisha arrived at the starting point a whole one hour ahead of anyone at 5:30 in the morning. The energy continued with the dancing in the taxi to the music. The kids were all smiles on seeing the Srirangapatnam Temple as well as the Chamundi hills temple. A common cold did not stop them from playing in the water or eating ice cream. They burst out of joy on seeing various animals up close at the Zoo. They later visited Mysore palace and what a sight it was with the light dizzling rain and the pleasant weather. To top the perfect trip, all of them got to ride a real elephant on the Mysore palace grounds. You tube video on Mysore visit wish fulfillment

Monday, August 25, 2014


(Narrated by Savio, a star volunteer ) Full of expressive energy is what hit me in seconds about Cindy (Name changed to protect the identity) when we first met her. Cindy spoke to us on all topics. You just have to start a topic and Cindy would carry it on and on for ages, and the funny part was the more she spoke, more you wanted her to carry on speaking.
When it came finally to the part where we asked her most cherished wish, she did not hesitant for a second in saying she wanted a really big teddy bear. She specifically mentioned it had to be as big as her. We at Make a Wish Bangalore decided to enhance her wish and give a fitting experience that matched Cindy’s energy and excitement level.
We decided to dress up a volunteer as a bear or other animal and deliver the Teddy Bear doll.
The pictures that follow say it all.
To top it all off, Cindy wrote us a Thank you note sharing her excitement and fun she experienced.

(Thanks to Sandeep for donning the costume and executing the play to perfection. Thanks to Archana & Atul for all the help. Special thanks to Laxmi and Divya for all the coordination and support given to fulfil the wish)

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Volunteers met Vishal, age 8 years, at Manipal hospital who was at advanced stage of life threatening illnesses. The wish was also realized to be a rush wish. The child wished for being amongst stars, had galaxies, solar system, telescope, and all in his mind. He has been confined to bed and was in his own dream world in the sky.
The parents had rented a house near the hospital to be able to get him the best attention possible. The hospital had at this stage opined that as medically they have done the best they could and he could be taken home in couple of days to rest in peace at home.
We waited for him to return home and set up the home for wish fulfillment, so that when he comes in , it is a surprise for him. The parents were cooperative and allowed us to set up the home for the wish experience.
Volunteers, set up the room, we had a LED projector set up, projecting moving stars all over the room, we had arranged and fixed up a remote solar system, where the sun could be lit and the planets would rotate all around the sun, the bedsheets, pillow covers, there were huge, LED glowing stars put up in the room, there were self shining radium stars put up on the black curtains, which were bought and fixed up and hence the whole room, was made to look like he was amongst the stars. A telescope was also gifted to him with all that to be able to see all around and feel amongst stars.

The child was brought home at 10 PM on Monday the 4th of August, our star volunteer Mr. Savio waited patiently at his home to capture the moments of the child coming home. The word he uttered when he saw all that was WOW. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Our 2000th Wish at Bangalore Division of Make A Wish Foundation of India.


Little Surekha, 8 years old having undergone surgery at Narayan Hrudayala, wished to have a party with lot of balloons and cake and celebrate her getting well with the doctors, nurses and other children at the Hospital ward. The wish was fulfilled by the volunteers and it was a cherished moment for the little Surekha. We seek continued support from all our well wishers, supporters, volunteers, hospitals, donors on this 2000th wish fullfillment

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Our volunteers met Sowndarya a 16-year-old girl in Sri Jayadeva institute of cardiology. The conversation that they had with her was very inspiring and  interesting. She was not like other girl of her age, she has different set of ideas. At a very young age, Sowndarya has raised voice against corruption and other social evils along with her friends. She expressed her desire to become an IAS officer in future.
The most cherished wish of Sowndarya was to have meeting with IAS officer. Through our volunteer network,  the meeting was arranged for 10th of May at the hospital with Mr Vijay Kumar, Officer on special duty and Principal  Secretary in Government of Karnataka.
He was very interested in meeting the girl; he agreed to meet the child in the hospital. When Sowndarya was informed that Mr Vijay Kumar would be meeting her in the hospital, she was excited and had prepared a set of questions that she always wanted to ask an IAS officer.
Mr Vijay Kumar is in the service for about 33 years. When he knew that Sowndarya was from Darwad he was very happy because he started his first posting was to Darwad. First asked by Sowndarya was ‘What preparations should I do to become an IAS officer?’ with a smile he asked her what was the reason behind her decision to become an IAS officer. Sowndarya replied that she wanted to fight against the corruption and other social evils.
He pointed 3 important things to become an IAS officer, First priority was health unless we have a good health we can’t fight for others. Secondly, it was education and capability to speak English. Third, it was determination to do something for the people and the nation. He also mentioned that it was not necessary that you should become an IAS officer to fight for against corruption and other social evils. He said there is no age bars to raise your voice against social evils.
She also asked questions like, how is a life of IAS officer different from that of a layman. He smiled at her and told that was a good question. He said unless you fight against some social evil the life of layman and an IAS officer is the same. When you fight against something that is supported by other people you are bound to face many difficulties. When you have a determination to do something for the society then the rest will fall in place.

The meeting went for an hour, he wished the child good health We sincerely thank Mr Vijay Kumar for his time.


Monday, May 5, 2014

World Wish Day Celebrations at Hotel Hyatt, M G Road, Bangalore

On Tuesday 29th of April 2014, the team Hyatt Bangalore, hosted celebrations of the World Wish Day and wish fulfillment for the children of Make A Wish. They had music, clown, magic, dance, food, fun and games. Even a wish of celebrating a Birthday was fulfilled in truely a cherished way. Thank you team Hyatt Bangalore for all your support to the mission of Make A Wish Foundation of India, Bangalore Division.